Dear reader,
now I have already spent here in Hungary more than half of the time that I'm supposed to, and is mainly because of that it's starting to come to my mind how different I'm now compared to the day I arrived. So many things changed... My way of looking at things, of reacting to them, my knowledge of the world and of the different cultures... A lot.

What didn't change is the thinking that the decision to be an ESC volunteer for this project was the right one.

I will not lie to you, my dear reader, in these seven months and a half the hard moments were not missing, and so were the more than hard ones, cause every big journey has its obstacles, still if that journey is the right one it will all be worth it. And for me this is, totally, the case. I came full of hopes, goals, and dreams, and so far I feel incredibly near to satisfying all of them (some I already had).

If you would like to start this experience but have some fears and doubts I have one thing to tell you, my friend: the main thing you have to care about, the main one that you have to ask yourself, is if the values and the goals of this project aligned with yours, and if the answer is yes... Just go start to prepare your luggage!

- M.

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