"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it is the only thing that ever was"

Margaret Mead

If you are inspired to become a volunteer, we are here to facilitate you in pursuing your chosen path. 

As a hosting organisation we take in volunteers from across Europe as part of the European Solidarity Corps. Our mission is to help young people to open new doors, learn languages, have friends from all around the world and to help others with a good cause. 


As a sending organisation for native Hungarians, or citizens with Hungarian residency, we offer our service to assist you in finding volunteer opportunities abroad. We are there to help you throughout your journey. Do you have difficulties with English? You don’t have the confidence to make the first move? Don’t worry! We can help you with problems you may encounter, including preparing you for an interview.

Also for those residing in Hungary, we have many local projects you can get involved in. 

If this interests you, read on!

Know us better!

Zita Szalai

President of Szatyor Association and professional youth worker dealing with long term volunteer hosting and designing training events. 

Former president and one of the founders of Szatyor Association. Now managing the Etyek project of the organization, working on with ESC volunteer hosting, planning and realizing trainings, youth exchanges and local initiatives in Etyek.

'I consider myself a life-long learner and explorer. People from all walks of life can teach something for me and I believe that this mutual impact and knowledge sharing can lead us to a united community for a more sustainable present and future. I find also permaculture's philosophy our main drive, not only in the garden, but in our community live as well'. 

We are in the age when we can do something for our environment, more than ever before. My hope is that including more young people in our projects and providing opportunities for self-development on  personal-professional field can bring awareness and empowerment for the change we are witnessing and being actively part of.

Green Seeds is the name of our ESC volunteer hosting project in Etyek. The seeds that can and will grow in any circumstances and be the change makers of their own communities.  

Era Kármán

Budapest hosting team, 2020

Zita and the team!

The hosting team at Szatyor Association consists of local individuals who support regularly or on project based our volunteering project with their professional competences, motivation and experiences. 

Szilárd is our wine growing garden guru who knows everything about organic food growing, gardening tools, soil nutrition, seeds and a special ability to make people excited about physical labour in the garden.  

Dávid brings the art and creativity into the team. Be it making great photos, beautiful pottery creations or garden art, you can always count on him if you need to express your creative side. David is also our expert at picking mushrooms in the nearby forests as well. 

Mihaela is our other art master. Her colorful paintings and prints - on wall, on paper, wherever - make surfaces unique and meaningful. 

Kriszta is the mentor of the Etyek Szatyor Team who supports the learning process of the volunteers. Apart from being a great listener and mental health coach, she makes the best cakes in the village.

Kolja is our "Mr. Fix-it", all round handyman of our team. He takes care of any maintenance work the volunteer house requires and can construct anything. He loves working with wood and this year created our beautiful new chicken coop. He is is the greatest outside cook and the favourite of the kids, even we do not know why.:)


Etyek hosting team, 2020