Volunteering in Hungary in the ESC program

Please find our current recruiting project listed here, but you can also find them in the menu bar of this website. 

APPLICATIONS open now for 2023!

Individual Volunteering Opportunities 2023

Hideghegy Eco Community:  https://www.szatyorgoesabroad.org/volunteering/come-to-hungary/hideghegy-eco-community  Apply NOW! Starting date: immediately.

Nyim Eco Community: https://www.szatyorgoesabroad.org/volunteering/come-to-hungary/eco-community-in-nyim Apply NOW! Starting date: immediately.

Nemzeti Portrétár (Hungarian speakers only): https://www.szatyorgoesabroad.org/volunteering/come-to-hungary/nemzeti-portretar-alapitvany Apply NOW! Starting date: July 2023.

Szatyor Etyek: https://www.szatyorgoesabroad.org/volunteering/come-to-hungary/szatyor-etyek  Waiting list only! Starting date: September 2023

Group Volunteering Opportunities 2023

Oasis community: 7 August - August 2023 - APPLY NOW!


Nyim Eco Community: 1 June - 21 June 2023 - FULL HOUSE, do not apply


Hideghegy Eco Community: 26 June - 16 June 2023 - FULL HOUSE, waiting list only

https://www.szatyorgoesabroad.org/volunteering/come-to-hungary/2023-group-volunteering-at-hideghegy-eco-community  Applications only for waiting list

Former opportunities

Szatyor BUDAPEST: https://www.szatyorgoesabroad.org/volunteering/come-to-hungary/szatyor-budapest  - Location is closed, please do not apply!

Fülemüle ETYEK: https://www.szatyorgoesabroad.org/volunteering/come-to-hungary/fuelemuele-etyek   - Location is full, please do not apply!

Group volunteeering in Hideghegy Eco Community 2022: https://www.szatyorgoesabroad.org/volunteering/come-to-hungary/2022-group-volunteering-at-hideghegy-eco-community  


Our Partnership's projects are in 4 different locations in Hungary offering volunteer opportunities for young people aged 18-30 in both urban and rural settlements, for 6 or 12 months.

All locations are connected to ecological living aiming to find solutions to a more sustainable future both on individual and community level.

Activities vary from to creating and maintaining permacultural gardens, organising community events, to teaching kids about eco-conscious lifestyle, English and German language and introducing interculturalism.

Do you want to be part of an eco-community in rural Hungary, experiencing ecological living, permaculture and natural building methods?

Do you prefer a buzzing capital, yet want to maintain and promote a green, healthy lifestyle?

Do you want your life have a higher meaning by introducing art, language and gardening to children?

All of them are a great adventure! Do you want to be part of it?

Here you have the opportunity to join, experience green living, share your eco-self and be part of the change that will make our future cleaner, more fair and ecologically conscious!

If you are interested what our current volunteers are doing in this project, please take a look here: https://www.szatyorgoesabroad.org/faces-and-stories/volunteers-in-etyek-szatyor