Learning collaboration - 2022

Nyim Eco Community


Nyim is a small village 15 km South from Lake Balaton

Activity period

May-October, 2022 (6 months)

Activity description

Nyim Eco Community aims to find an ecologically, socially and economically balanced way of living, with a handful of enterprises and working groups supporting each other. There is also a community owned enterprise whose main activities are bookbinding, art, and organizing educational events. 

The community consists of 11 adults in Nyim village, 4 more from Budapest, and 2 even from Austria. The community is in a partnership with GEN Europe, works on strengthening local and regional networking, and currently works on creating the South Eastern European Ecovillage Network with Slovenian, Croatian, and Serbian partners.

The Community uses Hungarian language, support will be provided.

You will be participating in the community's activities as follows:

- working in the (planting and nurturing plants, mostly according to permaculture principles)

- planning local community and volunteer initiatives

- participating in the eco-building and cob renovation projects

- cooking on events, and joint cooking every day

- realising ecological art projects

- taking care of the Community House

- organising English Club for locals

- creating posters, photos and different visuals, creating input and maintaining social media platforms

- trying out community building games and methods (mostly based on CLIPS

Accommodation, food and transport arrangements, other practical info

You will be volunteering 30 hours per week, sometimes weekends are included. Hungarian language support is provided.

Accommodation: Volunteers are hosted in the Community House of the organisation, which includes a kitchen, a bathroom, a living room, two separate rooms, and a big garden. The two rooms will accommodate two volunteers each.

Transportation: There are no big distances in the village, it is easy to go around on foot and by bike. There is a good bus connection to Siófok. If needed we can arrange a ride. 

Allowances: 150 EUR pocket money and 150 EUR food allowance per month. 

Participant profile

We are welcoming volunteers

who commit themselves to act upon sustainability issues on both individual and community level, 

who are interested in collecting and practising technological and lifestyle knowledge and practice that reflects to the economic, social, environmental and health crisis of our age, 

who enjoy living in a small rural community and are not afraid of getting their hands dirty!