Youth exchange programmes revolve around a central topic which is agreed upon by two partner organizations. Through the mutual sharing of skills, knowledge and experiences, a programme is developed for the event.  

Methods are based on non-formal learning and active participation, sharing is essential for the collective learning process already in the preparation and the event as well.

It takes usually 7-15 days and with 20-40 participants from the partner organizations (specific countries). 

Cost can be varied, usually travel and lodging costs are covered, participation fee or contribution can be requested. 

In order to participate on a training course, you need an NGO who supports you. If you are interested on any of the following training opportunities, we are happy to support you in the application process. 



Seed to Plate

Summer, 2021

Partner countries: Portugal, Romania, Italy, Hungary

Location: Etyek, Hungary



Seeds of Tomorrow

Summer, 2021

Partner countries: 

Location: Etyek, Hungary