Hungarians volunteering abroad

Hungarians on international events

Fermenting to Connect - Youth Exchange

For the past week six Hungarian participants have been learning and sharing knowledge about fermentation in an E+ Youth Exchange in the beautiful hills of Tuscany. From the familiar taste of sauerkraut to the exotic flavors of tempeh or miso, we have been exploring the world of fermentation, working hand in hand with the microbial world to learn to make food that lasts longer, tastes better and is healthy for our bodies.

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Fermenting to Connect - Preparatory Visit

This weekend, we kicked off the preparatory visit for a new Erasmus+ project "Fermenting to Connect" Youth Exchange in Tuscany. Group leaders from Hungary, Croatia, Slovenia, France and Italy have come together to bond, plan and develop the activities that will take place during the exchange in October. We held a workshop on fermentation, visited a community garden ("P'orto") and the Fierucola market in Florence (where on the 15th of October we will carry out some activities to bring people closer to the world of fermentation and to learn more about the Erasmus+ program and its opportunities for young Europeans)! Special thanks to Tertulia, a wonderful co-living and co-working community in the hills near Vicchio, who hosted us for these 3 days making this experience even more memorable. . 🌿🥕🥖🌱 

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Leader in Me 4.0, Slovenia

From the 9th to the 17th of August Veles hosted the 4th edition of the Leader in Me training. An Erasmus+ training, within the Yes To Sustainability network, in which participants from all over Europe came together to co-create and share experiences that would give them a better understanding of leadership as well as a better understanding of themselves as sustainable leaders. 

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