Anna önkéntes élménye Szlovéniában

"I didn't know how deep I can sink into nature, how much it gives and takes, teaches and listens...

I have been absorbing knowledge like a sponge in the last two month, gathering the inspiration and the missing confidence to dream big. Allowing my desires to crystallise, pushed me from a passive dreamy state into taking action. And just like with the garden, the preparations for winter were made. The ground was weeded and covered, some seeds were planted and others are waiting for the right moment, ideal weather conditions in spring. Growth is not visible yet, but the energy is there in the little seeds. A potential plant, full of abundance.

With physical work inner processes also came up. Grounding, self-connection and playfulness, were just some of the stones that I lifted and placed (quite literally with the construction work).I felt still and stable (unlike in the past year. )I needed this stop. A quiet and safe place with less movement and input, to evaluate and process.

Im grateful."


Anna a Domačija Mokovec - nega zemlje in duha partnerszervezetünknél töltött 2 hónap az ESC rövid távú önkéntesprogram keretében.

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