Project Creation Training at Sunny Hill, Slovenia

The past week @SunnyHill, @ZavodVeles and @GENEurope held a training for 31 youth workers with a broad diversity in age and ecological projects from 11 European countries on Creating Sustainable Erasmus+ Projects at Sunny Hill in Slovenia

The program of the training provided us with introductions to the Erasmus+ program guide and led to forming teams and project writing. Some creative and productive days later the teams translated the formal theory and guidelines into preparation of actual in-future-approved projects. 

The intensive week together with the excellent organization, the inspiring facilitators, the beautiful location and the hospitality of the host, has led to a beautiful dynamic of the event from which friendships will surely be built. People shared car rides, sharing circles, music, stories, tears and laughter. Some even decided to rent a house together to stay longer at Slovenia seaside. 

As a group, we would like to thank everyone who was part of the creation and realization of the project. Currently, the seed has been planted and we are in the creation process. We are looking forward to the Erasmus+ projects in 2023 to sprout and blossom!