Let's touch the ground!  

3 weeks of eco-architecture, soil regeneration, and ethical art

in Nyim Eco Community

from 1st to 21st of June, 2023

Program finished, no more applications


Young people (18-30) from all over Europe.

We will host 12 participants from abroad and 3 Hungarian participants, a total of 15 volunteers. 

About Nyim Eco Community

Our community aims to find an ecologically, socially and economically balanced way of living. It is in partnership with GEN Europe, and currently is working on strengthening local and regional networking. In this project, you can also take part in our collaboration with the Hungarian Association of Strawbale Builders, and its president, Gabriella Rávész eco architect.

Nyim Eco Community can be found in a small village, Nyim, 15 km South from Lake Balaton. It consists of 10 adults and 6 kids in Nyim village, 3 more adult members from Budapest. Most of our members speak English. The community currently works with 4 long term ESC volunteers, who will collaborate in this project.


Eco-architecture: We will build the walls of a strawbale house, learn and practice clay plastering, brick wall building, and decorative clay plaster. The workshop will be led by Gabriella Révész, president of the Hungarian Strawbale-Building Association, the architect of the house.

Regenerative land management: Our community has 26 hectares of land, which we intend to nourish and regenerate. We will take care of young trees, build natural wild protection, and do regenerative mulching.

Organic gardening: We have several organic gardens in the village where we will learn about different gardening techniques and methods, all related to permaculture principles. 

Ethical art: We believe that art should surround us in a humble way without wasting resources, and with deep respect for Mother Earth. We will experiment with ways to create art together with nature. 

Cooking: Preparing food, cleaning, and other kitchen tasks.



In your own tent. If you are not able to bring a tent, we can provide some.


We will prepare the food together. Ingredients will be provided by the community, and our gardens. Healthy, organic, mostly vegetarian, and vegan options (regarding the participants' needs). 

Water, bathroom, toilet:

We are connected to the main water system in Nyim, which provides good-quality drinking water everywhere.

We partly use outdoor compost toilets and outdoor showers that we will build together. 


Nyim is 116 km from Budapest, 15 km from Siófok, and Lake Balaton. 


Will be arranged by Szatyor Association in the country. Your host organization will arrange your transportation from the stations/airport to the site.

Travel costs:

Are covered by the European Solidarity Corps program up to 275 Euros.


Volunteers are insured through the ESC’s Henner insurance scheme. Please make sure to have your valid, blue EU Health card with you. Hungarian volunteers should have their own TB insurance. 

Pocket money:

You will be granted 5 Euros/day pocket money. 

Passport and visa in Hungary:

Hungary is part of the Schengen area, easy to enter for EU citizens with a passport or an ID. In case you need a visa to enter Hungary, we discuss the details and arrange it individually. For information about visas, please visit this site: https://enterhungary.gov.hu/eh/?en 

COVID Situation:

The COVID situation is unpredictable, currently, there are no restrictions introduced by the Hungarian government, so it does not affect your travel to Hungary. 

Currency and banking: 

The currency is Forint (HUF). 1 Euro about 380 Forint. (1l milk = 400 Forint, 1beer = 350 Forint, 1kg bread = 700 Forint) There are possibilities to change money in bigger cities, but you can pay with credit/debit cards in most shops. We ask you to open a Wisetransfer account before your arrival, this will be necessary.


Hungarian electric system operates on 230 Volts, 50 Hz, with round prong European style pugs. 


We don't have good coverage in the village, so this is a good opportunity to have a digital detox period. (in certain places we have WiFi)


Summers can be quite hot, between +28-32 Celsius, but evenings can be chilly.


All about ESC - What is the European Solidarity Corps program? 

All the details you find on this link: https://europa.eu/youth/solidarity/mission_en  

What to expect from being involved as a volunteer in this program? Here you go. - https://www.salto-youth.net/downloads/4-17-3877/Info+kit+European+Solidarity+Corps.pdf

All about about Henner insurance you can find on this link:


You will get a Youth Pass certificate after your voluntary service, here you can get more information about what Youth Pass is and how you can note your learnings. https://www.youthpass.eu/hu/