Healing HUB

Build a Healing HUB in an untouched natural area with us!

team volunteering opportunity

Dates:      2 August-22 August 2024

(including travel days)

Location:   Hács-Béndekpuszta, Hungary

Organiser: Szatyor Association in cooperation with the

                  The Valley of Smile Foundation


  • Young people (18-30) 
  • Legal residents of Europe
  • with a curiosity and enthusiasm to learn about eco-camp-construction, willing to get your hands dirty and open to a communal experience

This project will involve 15 volunteers.

To minimize the project’s carbon footprint, we invite participants to choose green travel options such as buses, trains, or shared cars, making the journey to Hács-Béndekpuszta as eco-friendly as possible.


Our mission is to awaken and nourish the good in People through a loving and joyful experience in communion with Nature, which is a model for the world.    

Our aim is to create a Healing Hub, to bring people closer to nature and to themselves.

A place of peace where the conflicts between people or inside can dissolve, where one can enjoy the silence and peace of untouched nature, meditate with the only noise of the bird chirping and create something that supports the shift needed for a truly sustainable society that includes more peaceful coexistence with nature, community cooperation and personal fulfillment.

If you like our initiative, come and support us in the development of our Healing HUB project in a small rural village, Hács-Béndekpuszta, Somogy county, located in the western part of Hungary, close to Lake Balaton (14km).

We are a group of healers, coaches, facilitators, who started to dream together of a place where different group or personal methods can be used for healing, recovering, team building activities and to build bridges between disadvantaged and healthy people. We are connecting to local communities and involve kids and families into our programmes.


During the camp we will focus on

Clearing the area: weeding, removing dead trees, biomass management, by building compost toilets and shower facilities, and recycling of remaining building materials.

Community building: we will emphasize the practices of community building methods, like the way of council, sharing circles, facilitation, games, conflict resolution and non-violent communication.

Developing the ‘Healing Nature HUB’: we will work on establishing the foundations of community coexistence and a nomadic retreat camp in Yurts in the forests of Béndekpuszta, a 70-hectare land. Our goal is to make the area suitable for accommodating larger groups who want to get away from the noise of the world and want to experience the basics of community coexistence and the healing effects of nature.

During the camp you can participate in the following activities:

  • collecting, organizing and recycling used construction and wood materials found in the area
  • construction of a set of compost toilets and outdoor shower
  • optional: building a labyrinth from stones and bricks
  • group building activities, learning new skills of facilitation, sharing different talents.



  • Visiting Lake Balaton which is the biggest lake of Hungary, Europe, a very touristic area. It’s located (15km) from Hács. There is a direct bus to Balatonboglár. There are festivals, concerts, boat tours, and events during the weekends.
  • Csisztapuszta thermal Bath in Buzsák (8 km from Hács)
  • Manas Festival (4-7 July) Lengyeltóti (5 km from Hács)
  • There are several Bike trails in the area.



Our community is located in Hács, a small village with 380 inhabitants. We have been working on the property to regenerate the natural environment around it, to create a nice, liveable human community habitat. 

We will work in Béndekpuszta, a depopulated village which is about 2 km from Hács, surrounded with outstanding nature, a pond, fields, forests and wild animals. This is the place where we will create a nomadic Yurt camp. There are 2 Yurts already built and unlimited places for tents with outdoor showers and toilets -  you can stay also here during the project if you feel nomadic :)  #intothewild 

Please be aware that the camp is located in a quite simple village with 2 small shops. 

Please also note, that

- we will work with, wood, bricks, soil and stone, which can be physically demanding;

- we work in nature, among simple circumstances, so there can be mud when it rains. 

- the closest small town Lengyeltóti is 5 km away, which you can reach with our community bikes or bus, but we will arrange shopping regularly.




166 kms from Budapest, 17 kms from the Balaton Lake.




  • There are 2 buildings serving as accomodation during the project:
  • The community building has 2 stories and 4 rooms plus a loft with 8 beds on 200 sqm with 3 bathrooms.
  • The guesthouse is 85 sqm with 3 rooms and a bathroom.
  • In the courtyard there is a huge open terrace with a roof and table tennis and trambulin. The houses are located in a 40.000 sqm land connected to nature.
  •  In the first 2 weeks you can sleep in our well-equipped community houses in shared rooms, double or single beds, and in the loft as well in single beds.

    For the last week we plan to go to nomadic conditions, you are going to sleep in the Yurt, so bring your own sleeping bag and if you wish to sleep separately bring your own tent. We can lend you a tent if you don’t have any.


  • We will cook vegetarian meals together (breakfast, lunch and dinner). 

    Cooking and cleaning will be in groups during the workdays: Taking part in the kitchen tasks, cooking, and preparing the lunch is part of the duties.

Water, bathroom, toilet:

  • We have drinkable tapwater. 
  • We use outdoor camp showers and toilets.
  • We have a washing machine participants can use


  • May in Hungary can be quite unexpected. Prepare your clothing for a variety of temperatures ranging anywhere between 15°C to 25°C during the day and 5°C to 15°C at night time. 

Travel and reimbursement

  • Will be arranged individually and reimbursed by Szatyor Association.
  • We strongly recommend to arrive by green travel (bus, train or shared car)! Travel costs will be reimbursed, up to 320 Eur (if travelling green)
  • You have to have a European bank account with an IBAN number so we can transfer the reimbursement and the pocket money.


  • Volunteers are insured through the ESC’s Henner insurance scheme. 
  • Please make sure to have your valid, blue EU Health Insurance card with you. 
  • We recommend you to have a travel insurance.
  • Hungarian volunteers should have their own TB insurance.

Pocket Money

  • You will receive 5€/day pocket money.


  • You are entitled to receive a YouthPass certificate.

Currency and banking: 

  • The currency is Forint (HUF). 1 Euro about 380 Forint.
  • There are possibilities to change money in bigger cities, but you can pay with credit/debit cards in most shops. 


  • Hungarian electric system operates on 230 Volts, 50 Hz, with round prong European style pugs. 
  • We have a community space with sockets.


  • comfortable clothes, long trousers (we will work in the nature in a wild forest area!);
  • sturdy boots/shoes that you do not mind if they get dirty
  • hat, suncream
  • your own water bottle
  • working gloves
  • rain jacket
  • mosquito and tick repellents
  • towels
  • headlamps
  • EU Blue social security card
  • special medication, if you might need them
  • documents


  • jewelry, electronics
  • pets, animals