World Water Day

World Water Day 2022 ( ) , was announced by the ONU following the Rio Conference, and celebrated for the first time in 1993. It was chosen as a day to remember the importance and exploitation of the planet's water resources by man.

Why do we still need a day to remember the importance of water nowadays? According to a new report from UNICEF and the World Health Organization (WHO)

( )  about 2.2 billion inhabitants of the planet do not have access to safely managed drinking water, as many as 4.2 billion do not have adequate sanitation that can offer them a healthy and safe life. Talking about my home town situation, in the North of Italy, the ordinance to reduce water waste started on 14 March. In Italy the price to pay is high, the industries, the farms and more in the small, the citizens suffer. There are now many towns where water no longer comes out of the tap; an example is Cisore, a small town in Piedmont where, to obtain drinking water, people have to wait for the arrival of the tankers. To succumb to this problem we had to rent a desalination plant from Spain to guarantee water to every town that needs it in case of extreme emergency. We already know that we are about to face a summer of drought, where heat and sultriness will be the main protagonists. All we can do is find solutions in our small reality so as not to be a problem for society; given that this theme is not new and that it will be repeated in the coming years, making small investments will allow us to face the situation for the future as well. If you have a green garden you could think about how to improve it to no longer need artificial irrigation. How? You can think about constructing a bio-pool that will fill up during the rainy seasons and keep the soil moist throughout the dry season. Biodiversity will also increase and this will be a great advantage for all the plants in the garden; about this I will suggest you a youtube video made by an Italian community: . Another investment you can think about is rainwater storage tanks that can be placed both in the garden and buried in the ground, this will permit you to be independent for household water consumption. Also buy class A+ appliances, designed to reduce water consumption, even if they cost more they will give the advantage in terms of energy savings and durability that will repay the amount spent. There are therefore many choices we can make to reduce waste in our small way the most important thing is that we stop focusing on cheapest choices because, most of the time, they are the most harmful. In order to raise more awareness about how to solve the water problem I suggest you to watch this documentary: ,

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