I will be here for a year, and I arrived at the beginning of July. I have to be honest with you, dear reader… Living in the country sıde, in a garden, with a heatıng system that works wıth wood, and chickens to take care of, is a different experience in the summer than it is in the middle of winter. When the sun warms your face and in the morning, as soon as you wake up, you can go walking barefoot through the soft grass, have breakfast with a few figs picked straight from your tree, and then, in the cool morning air water all the plants in the garden and in the greenhouse, when you can admire every single change in nature around you and watch the bees competing for a feeding frenzy of pollen, when all this happens, living this lifestyle seems almost like magic.

In winter, on the other hand, it seems that nature becomes more hostile to man: when you look around, you see bare trees and an empty ground in front of you and everything is silent, you hear fewer sounds of life. Sometimes the air is so cold that you can almost feel the wind freezing your cheeks, there is wood to cut and bring into the house almost every day, and the sun sets incredibly early, the days seem shorter.

Or at least that is what happens on the surface, the most obvious aspects. There is so much hidden magic though, in all this, the magic of nature doing its art as always, only in a quieter way… The magic of seeing the world around you practice peace, quiet, and rest, and there is so much to learn from that. It is a reminder of how to be reborn to new life, to sprout, sometimes it is first necessary to die a little, to appreciate silence more. And above all in Hungary in winter there is snow! Soft flakes fall one after another and rest gently on your head. It doesn't happen every day, yet when it does it is a priceless sight. Plus there are the moments shared with other volunteers in the comfortable warmth of the village house or school, teaching English to Etyek's children among the colorful walls in one of their classrooms, while outside the window the rain falls and a few drops slide down the glass.

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