We started last week with two workshops on different types of compost, and then on Tuesday we organized our media and did some garden work. On Wednesday we had the creative day with Mihaela and, on Thursday, our weekly Hungarian class with Zsofi, following which I had my first mentoring with the new mentor (the mediation and support figure for us volunteers). On Friday we had two different workshops: in the morning one about how to make natural soaps and in the afternoon one about permaculture. We had also lunch all together with the volunteers from Budapest, for which me and a colleague of mine, who is also from Italy, cooked some of our own typical dishes. That ended our work for the week and set the start of the weekend, for which usually there are never activities planned: it is our time to recharge and spend the time in the way we prefer, often by going to Budapest. That was a bit of an atypical week, cause due to a strike we had no classes at school, but nevertheless full of new learning.

Goodbye dear reader, see you next time!

- M.

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