Dear reader,
how is sharing your everyday life with other eight people (from different countries)?
We all volunteers live in two separate houses sharing the same garden, this means that generally we spend most of the time inside and outside of the house together, participating in the same activities or simply sharing the everyday routine, and in all of this there is to take into consideration that we are not only a lot of people but also people with different (sometimes very different) backgrounds and cultures.
As it's easy to imagine this can lead to a certain degree of misunderstanding or sometimes even conflicts, it would be weird if it didn't.
So, what is the good side?
It's that you always learn, that every moment of every single day is an opportunity to discover something about the world we live in.
Sometimes you even remain amazed by finding out that things you thought were only in your country are also in a lot of different ones, or also the opposite: maybe you think a way of saying something or a dish is common more or less everywhere but you were wrong. Differences, as always in life, enrich you.
Another aspect to take into consideration about the shared life is that we are also a community, we are always there to help each other and nobody is left alone as, in my personal opinion, should be in the society in general.
Now I have a small gift for you, my dear reader... My biggest passion is to write, in the last years especially poems, so in the following words you will find a poem of mine about this topic. Enjoy!

If everything will finish one day
and we know is the truth,
we know it will,
what better than being together?
If all of this will disappear,
at least from the shape we know it in,
if our beautiful mother nature
with all his rivers and his trees
will one day stop existing like this,
if the human species will one day remain only in the memories of the universe,
what better than holding our hands,
sharing our smiles?
What better than looking at the shine in our eyes like we look at the stars in the sky?
If everything will finish one day
and we know it probably will
let's stop losing time, come with me:
We have grass to walk on together,
sunrises to admire,
apples to eat,
emotions and thoughts to share.
And I swear to you,
my sisters,
my brothers,
doesn't matter if it will not be forever:
it's all worth it anyway.

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