Creative Tuesdays-Easter

Every Tuesday we, Valentina, István and Paula, go to the local school and do some creative handcrafting with the school kids. In the following, you will see our past projects.

Because of the upcoming easter and spring, our following projects were inspired by this topic.

1. The cute macramé sheep were a fun tinker-time for every age. Though there were some challenges with the legs and the way you have to do the macramé, the outcome was always really cute and creative. At end we even ended up doing necklaces out of the sheep.


2. This beautiful and charming chime was a project for an older age. It was a challenge to do all the steps right and especially to fix the bells on the thread. Nevertheless, everyone put a lot of energy, concentration and love into it and created the most amazing and diverse chimes.


3. Since the weather was getting better, until it started snowing, and the flowers had started to blossom, the windows of the school got a new gloss. No matter the age, everyone cut either colorful and diverse flower blossoms and leaves, or helped gluing the on to the windows. We even had some motivational music, in order to make the “hard” work easier.