Language clubs

Since the 17th of march, we introduced various language clubs at school.
On Wednesdays we do English and German lessons for the school kids and try to bring the language closer to them. Our aim is to help them get to know a foreign language outside the strict school rules. It’s about having fun and communicating with each other. I love the whole process of setting up a lesson. From the brainstorming of the topic of the upcoming lesson, over the preparation of my own school material, until the actual class where I can get to know the kids better and help them learn at least some new words while having fun.
Then, on Thursdays we have a German boardgame afternoon. It is very interesting to see how the kids become more self-conscious and interested in a language, when you make a game out of it and connect it to movements. During my one month here, I already realized that most of the children need a lot of action and motion, in order to concentrate. Also, they learn faster and more if they have fun while learning something. The Boardgame - Thursdays are good for every age, because the games are often easier and adjustable for more people.