Kids Camp

Every summer a children's camp is organized in Etyek, where in addition to creative and playful tasks, various programs structure the children's days.

Breakfast activities included dancing, yoga and short sparkling games. The theme of the afternoon programs is based on arts and crafts. Flowerpots were made of ceramic, wall paintings and flower seeds bombs were made from flowers, and paper immersion was used for recycling. We also visited the local farm, where they showed us what a farmer's life is like raising animals. It was also possible to feed them and later they served paprikás krumpli, which is a Hungarian traditional stew. At the lake near the Association, they were divided into groups according to the landart, the essence of which is the use of local materials, such as stones, tree branches and leaves.

The handmade art made in the last few days is presented to the parents by the children on the exhibition.

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Ahmed ben becha
3 years ago

Hey im from Tunisia i want to volunteer with your organization can i?