Express Yourself worksop


Art therapy workshop


Why is it important ?

It is important for me, because am interested both in art and psychology. And leading this workshop makes me more responsible about the things that I want, makes me to get more information in order to share it with people and of course more experienced in this sphere.

It is important for everyone, because Art therapy provides creative, healthy ways to help youth decrease anxiety and worry, soothe, and regulate emotions and behavior; Art therapy can help strengthen a child's sense of self, self-esteem and overall awareness and discovery about identity and worth.

The name of the project is  “Express yourself”, because art therapy is expressing your emotions through art, colors, shapes, different materials, makes you understand yourself better.

This session was   fun gathering and exploring creative parts of our brain. At first we listened to a guided meditation for finding that state of mind, then asked everyone to find any material where they want to draw their expressions, feelings from that state.They used their imaginations and created own individual art.

After, all members started to discuss each other's paintings and everyone gave their assumptions. It was fun, healing, artistic experience that we enjoyed!



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