Antonio's notes

Published on 8 November 2023 at 09:51


This month start with so much cold, and we start to learn about how to cut the wood for the fire place in the room, also we learn how to do soil loosening to plant the different seeds in the garden.


In may we start to plant the seeds after the soil loosening, and we learn also wich type of soil we need to use for the different type of Seeds, also we start to use the straw for the different planta like the potato, to save them from the sun.


In july, 16 volunteer from different parts of the world come to the farm for 3 weeks, It was a very good experience, we made a lot of good Friends there and we work very good in group, we learn how to make clay with them, also for construction, and it was really good.

September and October

These months were kind of chill, we just learn how to collect the veggies in the garden like the potetos and carrots… the rest of the month was doing the daily taskies like weeding, also washing the dishes and clean the kitchen, clean the chicken place, etc…


In June we start to learn about the construction, we start to build one Big hole in the ground and we learn how to do the mix to make the concrete. And the taskies was still the same, do the soil loosening, plant seeds and manage the garden.


August was a different month, the volunteers leave and we was a bit sad, but the feelings here with the nature can fix everything, in this month we start to know more about the chickens and the chicken place, how to clean It, how to collect the eggs and at what time and how to clean the place, and also we keep the other taskies like plant Seeds and also weeding.

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