Salvo's notes


In the beginning of the project we started cutting wood for the fireplace. It was still cold the weather.
We did soil loosening in the garden to refresh it with oxygen.
So we start the experience learning how to take care of the garden generally and how to cut properly the wood and the grass as well.


In May we start to feed the chickens by ourselves. We learnt how to make food and feed them daily.
Also we did weeding, organize the garden and planting finally the seeds.


We started to make clay and build, decorate with it together with he group volunteers who came for three weeks. We learnt all the process behind making clay with the straw. We kept going planting, weeding and general maintenance to the farm to keep it in order and clean.


Here we bought other animals so before that we prepared the fence, built the house and learnt how to keep it clean and in order.
We also started to harvest the vegetables from the garden.

September and October

These months were about constructing, weeding and starting prepare the wood for the upcoming winter. We did also some painting works.
We even built a wall with and a terrace with stones. And kept going with harvesting, cleaning and store the products of our garden.


In this month we started also the construction project. We learnt how to make concrete and use it to build structure. We also worked with wood, cutting in exact measurements to use it for building as well.
Also we went to the neighborhood to cutting weed between the grapevines.

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