November was really about slowing down, and preparing for the winter: Despite the winter brought some chilly days we still did some harvesting, we stored our potato, and sweet potato for the winter. We found some monstress ones, one of them was bigger than 30 centimeter. We could see the result of long years of mulching: some years before the roots were much thinner. We could also see how the topsoil changed in the last few year: instead of compact yellow soil we have some spots where the compostation was successful: here on the top of the soil we have a thick black layer. 

We held two events, one nomad rocket stove builder with our friend, Pali Szentgróti, who is kind of a polihistor in the small-scale ecoconstruction field in hungary, and he has a lots of interesting experiment. The other event was a tree planting with our friends, the 10 million Tree Fundation where volunteers from Etyek also participated.

During November the  Association's two core members, Katalin Orosz psychologist, and Daniel Zimmermann biologist started a half-year Autogen Training which took place in the therapeutic group room in Kati’s house. I helped every week once to clean and set up the room for the group, cook tea, and I also had the opportunity to participate in the learning process. 

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