Conferences are to offer the space and time to people to meet. People gather around certain topic or actual issue, there are workshops, good practice introductions, plenary and small group discussions. 

There could be from 30 to hundreds of participants on a conference that usually lasts 3-5 days.

Cost can be varied, usually travel and lodging costs are covered, participation fee or contribution can be requested. 

In order to participate on a training course, you need an NGO who supports you. If you are interested on any of the following training opportunities, we are happy to support you in the application process. 


Volunteering & solidarity as a social capital of the city

Conference – Symposium - Forum

18-21 May 2021 | Hotel Lev, Ljubljana, Slovenia

An international conference to promote wider and systemic social and economic dimensions and impacts of volunteering and solidarity activities in urban settings.

The conference will bring together representatives of municipalities and organisations to promote Volunteering and Solidarity Projects as tools to support solidarity in action. This activity was initiated by the City of Ljubljana and Slovenska Filantropija, one of the biggest volunteering organisations in Slovenia, and was then broadened and fine-tuned in cooperation with the Slovenian NA and European Solidarity Corps Resource Centre.

Cities and municipalities try to support solidarity among their inhabitants in order to support social cohesion. This cross-sectoral cooperation is diverse and every community developed their own way of addressing the needs of inhabitants. The conference aims to explore the existing practice of cross-sectoral cooperation in the cities and inspire building upon them.


  • To inspire cities to engage in cross-sectoral cooperation to support solidarity and social cohesion.
  • To provide space to showcase and learn from good practice examples of cross-sectoral projects that support solidarity and enhance social cohesion.
  • To map out elements of approaches of engagement of cities for the support of volunteering and solidarity activities.
  • To present all actions of the European Solidarity Corps programme and possible support.
  • To build partnerships for future projects and other forms of co-operation and networking among participating organisations and cities. 

We would like to see delegations of the cities and towns comprised of 3 members (representative of municipality, representative of a local volunteering organisation and a representative of business involved in corporate social responsibility) to attend the conference.

Each of the participants should apply separately. Of course you are also invited to apply as individual representing one of the organisations mentioned above.

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Write us an email if you have further questions or intend to participate!

Covid Situation

Due to the emerged situation connected to travel and events restrictions, already arranged study visits got postponed to 2021. So there will be study visit opportunities posted here after the restrictions will be cancelled.