Study visits are designed with the intention of observing good practices of the visited organizations, with a focus on learning more about particular topics. Participants get a hands-on experience and have a chance to meet with the management team and the beneficiaries of the organizations.  

It takes usually 3-5 days and with 20-40 participants from different countries. 

Cost can be varied, but travel and lodging costs are usually covered. Participation fee may be requested. 

In order to participate on a training course, you need an NGO who supports you. If you are interested on any of the following training opportunities, we are happy to support you in the application process. 

“Towards Collaborative Practice” (TCP) Study Visit on Social Entrepreneurship and Social Inclusion

Study Visit

10-14 May 2021 | Budapest, Hungary

A great opportunity to discover, connect to successful initiatives, and learn more about social entrepreneurship and youth work in Hungary, as well as about how the European Solidarity Corps can support social entrepreneurship among young people.

This study visit will:
-    explore, through several field visits, how social enterprises can become established as promoters of innovation and growth for society;
-    facilitate partnerships, creating a network of social entrepreneurs;
-    and share practices and realities among the diverse social and youth entrepreneurs from Europe, neighboring Partner Regions, and Hungary.  

If you are willing to join and passionate about the topics of the study visit i.e. social entrepreneurship, social innovation, and social inclusion, we kindly invite you to express your interest to join this event.

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Write us an email if you have further questions or intend to participate!


COVID situation

Due to the emerged situation connected to travel and events restrictions, already arranged study visits got postponed to 2021. So there will be study visit opportunities posted here after the restrictions will be cancelled.