Study visits are designed with the intention of observing good practices of the visited organizations, with a focus on learning more about particular topics. Participants get a hands-on experience and have a chance to meet with the management team and the beneficiaries of the organizations.  It takes usually 3-5 days and with 20-40 participants from different countries.  Cost can be varied, but travel and lodging costs are usually covered. Participation fee may be requested. 

In order to participate on a training course, you need an NGO who supports you. If you are interested on any of the following training opportunities, we are happy to support you in the application process. 

Study Visit on Volunteers' Management and Networking

Study Visit

28 March - 1 April 2022 | Istanbul, Turkey

To exchange good practices and create new partnerships in the field of volunteering, to foster future cooperation between Civil Society Organisations and foster the creation of future projects together.

The Study Visit will last for 3 full days (arrival on 28/3/2022 and departure on 1/4/2022). At the beginning of the Study Visit, participants will share expectations and contributions, will get to know each other, and break the ice using non-formal education activities, thus fostering the creation of a cooperative and proactive group environment. Then we will visit at least 5 CSOs discovering good practices and establishing new partnerships. 

Both the participants and the visited organisations will get an explanation of the GloRe Certification System and will be asked to contribute and participate in the process. 

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What’s good for you(th)? Conveying well-being among partygoers: sex, drugs & rock’n roll.

Study Visit

19-22 April 2022 | Esch-sur-Alzette, Luxembourg

Application deadline: 13, March

Youth workers will discuss the relation between health and well-being and discover elements to foster and support the wellbeing of young people. During a field visit actors involved in the promotion of well-being will be presented.

During the pandemic mental health and well-being of young people have risen on the agenda.

What’s the difference between health and well-being? And how can youth workers foster the wellbeing of youngsters?

In the framework of this training mental health and well-being will be contextualized in an educational process related to cultural, musical and culinary experiences taking into account the pandemic context we are living.

The 3-day training will focus on the definition and distinction of mental health and wellbeing and discuss the factors to promote wellbeing of young people. The aim is to offer a space where our colleagues from different countries can find a common ground, exchange best practices and find ways to implement these new findings in their corresponding communities.

Our guests will have the opportunity to have an insight of how well-being can be defined and approached with youngsters in different ages focusing on lifestyle, emotional alphabetization and the development of specific risk competences. The visit of a local project will give us the opportunity to learn about recreational drug use and sexual behavior in party- and nightlife settings and how this risk-taking behavior is related to the individual representation of well-being.

Learning outcomes:

  • Exchange on well-being and the factors fostering it
  • Combatting prejudices of what is safe/unsafe. According to the participants interest we will address recreational drug use, sexuality (i.e. sexism, sexual harassment) and Partying partying (Party Safe Charta)
  • Presentation of the pedagogical methodology of reflecting © and tools to foster young people’s social skills,resilience/ self-efficiency
  • Expansion of the European network and creation of potential partnerships
  • Esch-sur-Alzette is the Capital of culture in 2022, so participants will gain a better knowledge of the country of Luxembourg, its people, its cultural offers, its culinary dishes and much more.

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Youth@Work Study visit – One-Stop Guidance Centres in Finland

Study Visit

30 May - 3 June 2022 | Jyväskylä, Finland

In this study visit you will get a thorough understanding how One Stop Guidance Centres in Finland work.

Aims of the study visit

This study visit allows you to see how One-Stop Guidance Centres are designed and run in Finland. In this study visit you understand how the different models of multi-service centers link to Finnish youth work and how they support young people's life.

The multi-service centers aim to strengthen the social inclusion of young people, to eradicate poverty among young people and to improve their employability and performance. The study visit shows you how these centers bring together the expertise and skills of different professionals from different sectors in youth guidance work, and how the centers are coordinated in a national level.

The study visit will also be an opportunity for you to discover different methods and practices in youth guidance. As an added value you get to know what opportunities Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps Programmes offer and how you dan develop European project ideas and partnerships.

The study visit takes place in Jyväskylä, where we will visit the local One-Stop Guidance Centre.

Who can apply?

The study visit is suitable for you if you work in the fields of youth employment and/or youth work.

Youth work sector means working directly with young people outside the formal education institutions. As a participant you are expected to represent an organization organizing activities that enhance youth employability.

If you have a great personal interest, but no relevant link to actual youth work and employment field, we encourage you not to apply. The study visit aims for professional and organizational development, not self-development for self-interest.

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EGL Study visit in Lithuania 2022

Study Visit

24-29 April 2022 | Vilnius, Lithuania

Application deadline: 21, March

Study visit aims to explore youth work in Lithuania.

This study visit is a part of Europe Goes local strategic partnership and aims to increase quality of local youth work through international best practice sharing. The current study visit is already the third addition of a very successful event; however, this is the first time that the visit is open to participants from all Programme countries.

This study visit will gather youth workers and municipality representatives from Programme countries and will  allow them to explore the youth work in Lithuania from a closer look.

Participants will meet with Lithuanian representatives of Department of youth affairs, representatives of municipalities that are active in youth work. They will also visit few youth centers in rural and urban areas, meet with open, street and mobile youth work practitioners.

Future cooperation possibilities with Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps will be presented.

2022.04.24 arrival day

2022.04.29 departure day

COVID-19. Due tu covid-19 pandemic, only participants holding valid EU covid certificate will be able to participate in the study visit.

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