1. Please accept the offer I have sent you through the EU solidarity corps system (if you haven't done yet so - if you did not receive, pls. let me know, I will resend it). If you can not come, please let us know so we can offer the opportunity to another young person!

2.  Please book your ticket, following below instructions. PLEASE KEEP all your tickets, invoices, boarding passes, etc, as we will need them to reimburse you after arrival!

3. ADD HERE your name and your travel details:



  • The program starts on the 7th of August. So you need to be at the site before this date. You can arrive any day before this day.

  • Please start to look for travel options and let me know and also add to the table above

  • You are encouraged to choose “Green” travel options, such as train, bus or shared car. If it is not reasonable, surely you can choose to fly.

  • Please note that we can cover your travel up to a maximum of 275 Euros both ways, the rest has to be covered by yourself (up to 2000 kms, above that it is a bit more. Distance calculator: https://erasmus-plus.ec.europa.eu/resources-and-tools/distance-calculator)

  • If you fly, you can arrive at BUDAPEST airport.

  • By bus or train, you can arrive at both Budapest or Fonyód or Siófok. The location itself is close to Lengyeltóti.

  • Once we know your arrival dates, we will send you detailed instructions on how to get to the site.

  • When booking your ticket, consider the size of your luggage, including your tent, sleeping mat and sleeping bag.

  • Your departure date should be no sooner than the 27th of August



  • We encourage you to also have travel insurance for your journey, in case your luggage is lost, etc. We will reimburse it together with your travel costs (if it is within the 275 Euros), after providing the invoice and the policy.

  • You should have a valid European Health Insurance Card/TB insurance, if Hungarian. Participants are also insured through the ESC's insurance called "Henner", but that is only a complementary to your EHIC.


  • you are entitled 5 Euros/day of pocket money, including the travel days. This money will be transferred to you together with your travel reimbursement during the first week of your stay. 
  • you will get food on working days
  • you are entitled 2 free days/week. This may not be the weekend - we will send you a detailed schedule later. 
  • you will get 5 Euro/day food money on the free days, this will be transferred to you together with the travel reimbursement.
  • we need you to complete and send us back your Activity Agreement


At the end of the volunteering (25-27), there will be a 2 days music festival at the site, where you are all welcome to join!





  • it is a camping site with the usual camping site facilities: showers and toilets
  • we have a washing machine and a kitchen that volunteers can use


We will have Czech, French, Hungarian, Moroccan, Romanian, Spanish participants


GETTING TO THE SITE on the 6th of August

Information on train and bus connections: https://menetrendek.hu/

Download also the "menetrendek" application!

Please keep all your tickets, boarding passes, insurance invoices, etc, for reimbursement.

By TRAIN from DÉLI (or Kelenföld) trainstation

By BUS from NÉPLIGET bus station

Arriving to Liszt Ferenc International airport:

After you arrive at the airport, purchase from the vending machine (purple-grey-blue automates, you can pay by card, see pic on the right):

- An airport shuttle bus single ticket. It costs 2.200 HUF (≈ 5,7 EUR) AND
- A single ticket. This costs 350 HUF ( ≈0,9 EUR).

The airport shuttle bus 100E departs from between terminals A and B on the arrival level. They will validate your ticket manually.
Get off at DEÁK TÉR - which is practically the last stop after the airport (cca 30 mins of bus ride). 
Look for METROLINE 2 (red line), validate your single ticket before entering the metro station and get on a metro direction of DÉLI pályaudvar.
Get off at Déli pályaudvar, and come up to the train station.

Arriving to NYUGATI train station:

Purchase 2 single tickets at the vending machine. 

Get on Metroline 3 (blue line) towards Köbánya-Kispest and get off at Deák tér. Change to Metroline 2 (red line) towards Déli pályaudvar.

You can purchase your tickets a the yellow vending machines or at the cashiers. 

From DÉLI pályaudvar/train station to Balatonboglár

Find the vending station (a circular construction) and buy one ticket to Balatonboglár (probably you will have to buy a seat reservation, but the cashiers will tell you). You can pay by card. 

The journey takes 113 minutes.

It is super-important to purchase and validate tickets for public transport: there may be controllers and they show no mercy.


Arriving to KELENFÖLD train station:

There are direct trains to Balatonboglár from Kelenföld, see at menetrendek.hu.

The trains departing from Déli train station also stop at Kelenföld!

You can purchase your tickets a the yellow vending machines or at the cashiers. 

Arriving to KELETI train station:

Purchase a single ticket at the machine (see above)

Get on the Metroline 4 (green line), toward Kelenföld, and get off at the last stop, Kelenföld vasútállomás.

There are direct trains to Balatonboglár from Kelenföld, see at menetrendek.hu. You can purchase your tickets at the yellow vending machines or at the cashiers. 

Getting to Kéktó from Balatonboglár

There are buses from Balatonboglár train station. See schedule above if you arrive on the 6th of August.

It is best to buy the tickets for the bus to KÉKTÓ (Lengyeltóti) at the train station, as you can pay by card. 

The busstop is called Lengyeltóti - KÉKTÓ, and it is right in front of the entrance of the event venue.

PLEASE NOTE, that on the buses you CAN NOT pay by card, you have to have CASH, in HUNGARIAN forints! 


If you arrive outside these hours, you shall contact the organisers:

Zsuzsi K.: +36-20-3342282

Manna: +36-70-220-4003