Welcome to our first blogpost!

In the month of February we are exploring the topic of food when it comes to living in a more sustainable way. We have all been giving ourselves some challenges to eat more sustainably and have been learning a lot of new things.
Last Friday was specifically focused on the topic. We started our day with working in the garden, gathering rich compost soil to prepare the raise beds that will welcome our homegrown veggies in the spring! Then we shared a really nice vegetarian lunch outside in the nice weather. We only prepared local, seasonal and organic fruits and veggies, some in a salad and some fried by Kolja on the fire.
In the afternoon, we learned about our waste and what happens to it after we put it in the trashcan. But also how to deal with our organic waste in a vermi-compost workshop with Tunde. So we built a worm-composting bin that works indoor and that will now be known as « The Worm Villa ».
We ended our day with our first Eco-cinema club, where we watched the documentary « Kiss the ground ». This movie was particularly on topic because it is focused on the way the food we eat is grown and the people who grow it. We also had some homemade snacks to go with it, and the screening was followed by a discussion.
It was a very nice day, full information, making us curious to learn more!

Mathilde & Valentina