Cultural discoveries

Cultural discoveries between Azerbaijan and Hungary

Of course, before I came to Hungary, I knew that there would be many cultural or any other differences between Azerbaijan and Hungary. First, I would like to talk about different holidays

Not long after I arrived in Hungary, Easter holiday was celebrated. We do not celebrate this holiday because population are mainly Muslim over there. During the holiday, we traveled to the Hungarian city of Györ with other volunteers. I attended a ceremony at the church, which was a very different experience for me. And I witnessed a very different tradition at the same time. Young men go to the house of his girlfriend in the middle of the night and suddenly pour water over their head or spray perfume on them. And at the same time, there is a tradition of painting eggs in the traditional "Nowruz" holiday  which celebrates in my country in March for to celebrate Springs coming

Although Halloween is an American holiday, it is also celebrated in Europe in general. And one of my favorite traditions for this holiday is to decorate the pumpkin by giving it different shapes.

 I really liked the idea all museum were free when Hungary were celebrating State Foundation Day of Hungary. I visited different museums which I was planning to visit for a while, including Budapest Parliament. 

All saints’ day. All over Europe, people visit the cemetery with candles and flowers on the first of November to commemorate their dead close family members and relatives. In my country, we generally visit them 1-2 days before or after all holidays.

We celebrate the coming of the New Year in my country, but we do not celebrate Christmas holiday. I am already very excited as I will be spending Christmas in Europe for the first time this year. We have already visited the Christmas market in Budapest and it was beautiful. We celebrate New Years coming mainly with our families with nice dinner and going out with some friends and it is kinda the same here I guess.

When it comes to food, as far as I have observed in general, Hungarians do not like dishes that will require a lot of effort, but our meals are generally demand a lot of effort and sometimes even take 5-6 hours to prepare and cook. Since our cuisine is close to Turkish cuisine, we give priority to meat dishes. But very strange food that I taste here was cherry soup.

Another thing that surprised and pleased me was the excessive and very beautiful vintage or second-hand stores in Hungary. To tell the truth, in my country, people do not like to wear second-hand clothes, even if they are poor, and generally everyone buys first-hand clothes. I've been buying almost all of my clothes secondhand since I've been here and I'm very happy with it.

And another thing that there are special days here in Hungary everybody remove the stuffs which they are not using anymore from their houses to the street. And whoever need it, they can take it from the street.

And one of the weirdest things for me was when people try to clear their noses they were doing it with very loudly. In my country this is considered a very rude thing and everyone is very uncomfortable with it. but i want to say İ'm used to it now. 

And one of the things I realized that I am in Europe not in my country, when you carry heavy loads on the street or anywhere, there are so many people who will help you even without asking for help, but in Europe in general there is no one to offer such help.

And one last thing people do not kiss in public places :) But this is very nice because it spreads love :)

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