Flea Markets

The second-hand tradition has started to become a trend at an incredible speed recently. Flea markets, which are described as second-hand sellers, are one of them. A flea market (or swap meet) is a type of street market that provides space for vendors to sell previously owned (second hand) goods. These purchase points have become a must-stop for sustainable consumption that is based on the reuse of all sorts of things. İt can be easily argued that flea markets and thrift stores have a significant positive impact on the environment. In fact, flea markets have recently become one of the indispensable addresses of tourists. It is possible to find very beautiful antique products at incredibly cheap prices in these markets. Of course, sometimes you don't know if they are real, so we may have to be careful about it. I regret to say that the concept of second-hand clothing is not very common in Azerbaijan and people find it strange. But recently, the flea market, where second-hand antiques are sold, has also become common in our country. I love visiting flea markets mostly in the countries I visit and a few days ago I visited one of the flea markets in Budapest. Unfortunately, many stores were closed in this market because it was wintertime. But I think I will visit it again, thinking that it will come to life more in summer.