On-arrival training

We participated at the  "On-arrival training" as Budapest volunteers of the "Szatyor organization" between 25.04.2022- 29.04.2022. During the training, we met different people from different countries and made new friends. We learned more deeply about what it means to work as a team and as individuals as well as what does it mean to be a "volunteer". The training gave us some advice to implement our own project and maybe we can realize small projects in our own shop as Budapest volunteers of the organization. During the training, a "traditional Hungarian dance" night was organized to be closer to Hungarian culture and it was the most entertaining moment of the training for us. And at the same time, I discovered how close the Hungarian traditional dance culture is to the Azerbaijani dance culture. I hope we come back as a more self-improved person to midterm training 馃槉

Photos by: Imre Heged疟s

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