Diversity festival in Pécs

I participated in the "Diversity festival" in Pecs on 13.05.2022 as a Budapest volunteer of our organization.

At the opening of the event, we first had our lunch eating the Hungarian national dish "goulash".

We were then divided into 4 groups, where we were assigned different tasks. Our first task started with learning the Hungarian national dance. I tried to exhibit the figures I had learned to dance before on the on-arrival traning.

Our next task was to share with the other group the strangest thing we have encountered since the day we arrived in Hungary. And the weirdest thing I've ever encountered was cherry soup.

We were then given different missions to explore the city of Pecs;

- Find the tallest tree in the Pecs and take a picture of it;

- Finding the oldest bakery shop in Pecs and taking a picture of it;

- The picture was taken in front of 5 different churches in the city;

- Find 5 different Hungarians and learn their favorite Hungarian words;

- Discover and photograph 5 different animals;

- Doing yoga figures and so on.

At the end of the day, the band from England performed live and it was amazing.

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