Mission of Urban Gardens

The day i went to the garden with my friend  - and spreading the idea of urban community gardens!


It was a surprise the day that I found out that my friend was coming to Budapest to visit me. We have been friends since we were 3.

So, as you can all imagine, I planned a huge itinerary for her. We saw all the main touristic places of Budapest. Twice. One during the day and the other one at night, to make her see the whole city in all of its grandiosity.

So, as a part of this insane itinerary, I decided to show her our community garden in the 7th district. I literally defined it as “an oasis in the middle of the center of a big city”, and that’s definitely what it is.

I explained her the way it works, and also that the whole idea of our project there consists of tasting real vegetables grown and planted by us.

She was delighted by this idea, and she made me promise to prepare something for her the next time she comes, with some of that greens!