Public transport options discovered in Vienna

Public transport in Vienna

A few facts about it: Wiener Linien is the municipal transport authority; their tickets and passes cover all city train and subway services and nearly all tram and bus services, and the four main forms of transport are U-Bahn (subway), Schnellbahn or S-Bahn (local train), Straßenbahn (tram) and Autobus (bus).

Vienna works on an honesty system with no ticket barriers at stations and no formal, permanent ticket checks on the subway, local trains, trams and buses. You just hop on and off unchallenged.

One in every two Viennese makes use of it. Recycling and composting programs are top: 30% of the city's energy requirement is covered by renewable sources.

They also count with “the green taxi”, which costs the same as a regular one.

There you can also find the City Bikes, which are for all of those users who want to move in a green way though the city. 

And, now that you know all of this, when are you going to go there to try them all? ;)