Event with guests from the National Agency

A couple of Thursdays ago we had some very special guests. The National Agency sent us a group of about twenty people to share our experiences with volunteering, and with the city. My mission, together with Enrico, was to take them to a place near our organic garden in district seven that would awaken great memories in us.

In my case, I decided to take them to the Anytime bar, the place where I first connected with my friends. They all loved it, and the location was worth it because I could also show them Frici Papa, a traditional Hungarian restaurant with very affordable prices.

They did not hesitate to ask me a lot of questions about my stay here and my first impressions, and I was delighted to be able to tell them my impressions. 

They were also curious about what our volunteer programme was like so that they could be inspired to create their own.

All in all, very much an experience that I think they loved and allowed us to let them know a little bit more about our Hungarian experience! :)

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