Small step for the mankind, huge step for us!

Yes, it is just a handful of tomatoes, yet, for us, this is the result of months of visiting, watering, caring, asking questions, doubting, if we are capable - and now, we harvested the golden coloured results of our efforts: a handful of coctail tomatoes!


When I started my volunteering journey in April, weather condition still was not good for planting something in Budapest. In that case I can say that my gardening adventure started almost in June. I have planted different seeds in my own small parcel since June. Since the area is small, I usually plant small plants that do not take up much space. I planted tomatoes, onions, basilico and flowers. To tell the truth, since the weather was hotter than I expected in June, some seeds failed to survive and the bascilico did not grow. Tomatoes, onions and flowers are the survivors right now. I think it is necessary to find and plant new seeds that are resistant to cold and can survive in the fall, as they will be out of season as of September. I had some gardening experience in my own country, but I am very happy to develop these experiences and see results here as well!

It is indeed possible to grow food in the cities :)

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