Live Sustainably - obvious and hidden facts

From the 9th to the 17th of August, Mathilde, Vale, Paula, Fi and me were participating in a training about how to live sustainably. While Vale and Paula supported the kitchen team and prepared delicious vegan food for us, the rest of the group was taking part in the program.
We learned a lot of different and new approaches to sustainability. One was the consideration that if you care about nature, if you are connected with it, you will most probably act in a caring and supporting way towards it in the long run. Sadly, a lot of people see sustainability as a “Fashion” rather than a way to give back to nature and loving it. In order to experience this connection again we were able to have fun in the woods, doing a self-care oriented meditative day in nature or even hold a council like various indigenous tribes do.
Also, we could see in a simple way, how the ecosystems are dependent on each other and everything we do has an impact on the wellbeing of our surrounding.
Last, but not least, we got to know various theories and game constructs that we can apply in our daily work with children and adults in order for them to experience the theories we talk about. Finally, we had also time to create connections and networks with the other participants and even get to know ourselves a bit better.
I appreciated this opportunity a lot because I think it will support me in my future life and job. Additionally, I was lucky to get to know beautiful people who gave me a lot of support and strength in these hard times.