Cheese Factory visit

Recently, I joined the Fülemüle group for an interesting and remarkable excursion. This time, me, Vale, Paula, and Paula R visited the local cheese factory with the kids. After going by the wine yards and watching their charming beauties, we reached the cheese factory which is managed by one family. Actually, the first sight was quite deceptive for me because it seemed like just a village house from the outside, but later inside that place changed my mind completely. First, we got basic information and an introduction to the management of the cheese factory, the types of cheese, and their production procedures. I understood that it is quite a long process that demands lots of patience and connections. But we did not finish our journey by only getting information, because the main part of the journey began after it. We went down to the basement which has lots of different rooms. Although the temperature was quite cold, we still enjoyed seeing different types and sizes of cheeses, and witnessing the cleaning process of cheeses was fun, too. Finally, we also tasted some cheese with apple which was so delicious. So, that trip to the local cheese factory was so instructive and absolutely noteworthy for me. CHEESE😊