Easter At Szatyor

Our house of full of colored eggs, salt dough animal shapes and chicken pom-poms… That means we had guests ! 

Last week nine classes, of different grades, came from the Etyek elementary school to visit us and spend some time together before the Easter Holidays…

Why do we celebrate this event with colored eggs and chocolate? How is related with the resurrection of Jesus? At Easter, chocolate eggs are given as gifts, the origins of which can be traced back to the Sun King. The decision to give an egg as a gift is not accidental. Since ancient times this food has had an enormous symbolic value. In some cultures Earth and Sky, joining together, formed an egg, a symbol of Life. 

We have kept this tradition dividing our garden in three different stations: 

The First One was the painting station, where we painted empty eggs and animal shapes made with salt dough, a very simple modeling clay made of salt, flour and water.

The second station was decorating carton eggs with beans, peas and other types of legumes.

The third one was a little bit more challenging for them: we created pom poms with cotton yarn and then we glue beans and paper to make the eyes and the beak of chicks. 

After those activities we enjoyed the rest of the time by playing games in the garden mixing our language knowledges and giving the children the opportunity to understand how our life as a small community is: we talked about the role of compost, of the Green House and of our famous chickens that children love so much. 

It was truly a wonderful experience that we concluded by eating all those eggs used in the first station that Era transformed into a delicious cake with red currants and dark chocolate!

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