School's Carnival

On the  8th, 9th, and 10th of February students didn’t have classes during the afternoon because of a Carnival party we organized with the school. 

We were engaged in two different activities: one was the jury where some of us had to select the most original costumes and put them in different categories based on the type of costumes. Each category had a gift or a bonus that children could spend on food in the room where the others Volunteers were working. In fact, our second task was to make popcorn and cotton candy with the help of the teachers that taught us how to do them because, in the beginning, our cotton candies were looking like strange mushrooms but then we improved. It was totally new for us! 

Another thing children did was a sport competition were they had to challenge themselves with sports activities like climbing the rope, hokey, shooting… And the prize was another time… food! that’s why we consumed 6kg of sugar in a day!

The experience had been so exciting for us, seeing thousands of happy children wearing their favorite costumes (mostly homemade) having fun between each other and with their parents!


- Cecilia

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