Fulemule Ball

On the 4th of February we participate to the Fulemule bàl, a charity dinner that the school organizes every year to support school expenses, cultural and educational events.

The Bàl took place after some hours of work: the day before the event we went to help teachers out with preparing the dinner room, decorating,hanging the masks we made at school with childrens during this month…

The party was exciting: children broke the ice performing in front of their parents amazing folkloric and modern dance choreographies and traditional songs. After the show we had the dinner that offered different types of Hungarian traditional dishes that we tasted again and again… Maybe it was not the holy land for vegetarians but those who didn’t eat meat could enjoy more wine and desserts…

After the rich dinner a local band helped not to stop the party bringing us back to 80’s and 90’s most famous songs that made everyone dance until late at night…

I really liked this experience, I personally felt the sense of community in this event also thanks to people that did their best to involve us.


- Cecilia

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