Permaculture Basics Workshop

What is permaculture? Today we had a workshop regarding this kind of lifestyle which would allow human beings to be part of Nature.

At the beginning we described Permaculture with three ethic thoughts: People care, earth care and fair share. This lifestyle is a system that create a sustainable society and a philosophic-etic approach to the daily life. It can contribute to a safe world and aims fairness.

After that we splitted the methods in 12 steps and we analyzed them together:

  • Creatively use and respond to change
  • Obtain a yield
  • Use renewable resources 
  • Catch and store energy
  • Use edges and value the marginal
  • Observe and interact
  • Design from patter to detail
  • Use small and slow solution
  • Apply self regulation and accept feedback
  • Produce no waste
  • Integrate further then separate

For a deep change everyone must take his responsibility and this workshop helped us to find a way to understand that we can be sustainable and that it is possible to live respecting the environment and all kind of life.

- Diego

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