Forest Project

We started working on a new project! 

From now on we will work in a small forest of four hectares, near the lake of Etyek and surrounded by fields.

The aim of the project consists in observing the place to understand how to adapt it to the principles of permaculture. With the idea of starting a forest garden.

Last Tuesday we went picking the trash that a lot of people threw into the forest rather than recycling it or simply putting it into a trash bin.

It's funny to see how nature grows on objects and uses them: we decided to leave some clay tiles because a colony of ants was living there but also the plastic bags were completely inside the ground pressed together. The challenging part was trying to go through the branches of the trees and the tall plants in the ground.

It was fun picking up the trash. We collected a lot of different things but most of them were bottles, plastic ropes, work materials , and things you normally have to bring to the dumpster like any dump.

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