October: ENERGY

Energy plays an important role in our daily lives. The importance of energy has been demonstrated in recent years, when war and inflation have caused prices to soar and energy shortages to occur. As a result, more and more people looked at how to use energy sustainably and that it is not enough just to switch to renewable energy, you have to reduce your consumption.
But how can that be done? What can I do about it? What alternatives are there?

We started October with these questions. First of all, everyone presented what they knew or had researched. It quickly became clear that this topic is very broad.
We found all kinds of renewable energy possibilities, how to use the sun, water and the like to generate energy. But also the disadvantages they bring, for example how they affect the environment.
To evaluate our own energy consumption, we are trying a self-experiment this month.
The first week we start by reading and recording our consumption so that we have comparative values. In the following week, we try to save energy by acting consciously.

For example by...

- Cleaning the back of our fridge
- Not leaving lights on unnecessarily
- Avoiding stand-by mode
- Airing at regular intervals
- Reducing hot water
- Using residual heat when cooking or baking
- Not charging mobile phones overnight

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