Permaculture teacher's training in Greece

From 13-22nd April I had the possibility to attend a permaculture teacher's training in Nea Sermyli, Halkidiki, Greece.
I completed my permaculture designer certificate last year in August and ever since I felt an urge to spread the word about it. This training gave me the perfect opportunity to learn different ways in which one can deliver a lesson/course and to practice how to do it in front of beautiful, friendly faces. :)
Throughout the training we had to prepare different "microteach sessions" 3, 15 and 25 minutes long about a permaculture topic of choice. It was a good challenge to invent activities of different lenght with an also beginner level of knowledge. It was rewarding to see how it was getting more and more easy and/or less stressful each session to come up with something to teach. We also had to acknowledge that we were there to learn and to fail. I think I could accept this fact with a big smile on my face for the first time in my life.
Just as we were getting really tired, we got a free day and had the chance to explore the surroundings. We drove to a bit remote beach of Sarti where we got a really beautiful view of Mount Athos also and managed to hike a little too.
Our last and main task was to form groups and design a curriculum - as much in detail as we can. We designed a training course for youngsters (18-30 years old) who just finished high school/university or just a little bit stuck in not knowing where to go or what to do in life. The goal is to invite them on a self-knowledge/self awareness journey with the help of permaculture. We used "The Hero's journey" framework and the first 4 chapters of permaculture to plan the course. The morning activities are for teaching the bases of permaculture and the afternoon sessions are for immersing in ourselves. The afternoons are representing each steps of The Hero's journey, in which they will use the knowledge and the tools they just learned in the morning about permaculture.
We felt that this is a topic that each of us team members went through already or still doing so, this way it also felt as a personal mission for me to do my best in contributing to work this out. We had our own challenges as a team but I am satisfied with our process and proud of our work.
All in all, I am very grateful for this experience and will put my best energies into starting my own journey with teaching. :)


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