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First of all, I would like to start by thanking the European Union for supporting projects that contribute to the development of young people.

Between 19-28 April, I participated in the project within the framework of Common Ground in Castagnetoli, a village that renews people with the nature and atmosphere of Italy.

The general outlines of the project and the opportunities offered to us were exactly suitable. Castagnetoli's location, its unique nature and its incredibly impressive village architecture impressed me greatly. I can say that the relationships and intercultural exchange established with other participants from various countries of Europe, the games and local dishes offered during the project are directly related to the Common Ground philosophy.

The opportunity to interact with people living in the region offered to us during the project was also socializing. I would like to thank everyone, especially Francesco and Matteo, who made the project productive and successful.
Cultural nights were organized during the project, we tasted local dishes and desserts from different cultures, this was incredible for me, I especially liked the Bulgarian sausage (it was also good for me that it was a fermented product). In addition to all these cultural activities, we performed the local dances we performed in Porto Venere with both our participants and the tourists who came to the historical castle.




Project details:

Common Ground - a space for community growth

Location: Castagnetoli, Italy Date: 19 - 28 April, 2024 

Project Info: The "Common Ground" Erasmus+ Youth Exchange project aims to engage international youth in non-formal educational activities at the San Francesco family home in Castagnetoli, Italy. It focuses on fostering community, social inclusion, and cultural exchange among participants from diverse backgrounds. By promoting outdoor education, the project seeks to cultivate tolerance, equality, and environmental awareness.

Through collaboration with the family home and digital dissemination of project outcomes, "Common Ground" aims to demonstrate the value of cultural diversity and social inclusion on a local, national, and international scale.

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