Permaculture - like - garden

When I have heart first the word permaculture, I thought that it is a newly created gardening approach attracting urban young people who have no clue about what gardening is, but they are happy to believe in something deep green, romantic happening in rural areas. 

Then I started to read, learn more about it and I realized that its approach combines wisdom from the past, new, co-creation attitude in communities that hopefully will be spread in the future and the main thing that has not changed and will not is the respect of nature and each other as humans and design and create systems, structures that is for thriving in an adequate level permanently. 

In Etyek, with the Szatyor people we put all this into practice. How to treat and care for the soil, the skin of the land. How to let ourselves learn by doing, failing and succeeding. How to feel that our work (hard work) results curly, but sweet carrots.

Garden is life, here we go to taste it!

Do you want to see our garden? Have a look at our video!