Seeds of tomorrow

Seeds of tomorrow

We had an amazing “Seeds Of Tomorrow” project, that Etyeki Szatyor has made for young people from different countries as Portugal, Romania, Slovakia and Hungary. The value of informal learning of how to make sustainable and healthy choices and live a greener life was well shown in this experience.

The main topic of our Youth Exchange was permaculture and how to approach the land, be aware of our actions, observe the environment where we live in and feel how to be a part of the ecosystem.

This project taught us not only useful information, but also showed us how permaculture can be used for youth activism and making a change with the focus on environmental protection.

We had the safe space where youth can learn from each other, try something new and share their culture and values with others.

During this week, we were the participants of a lot of workshops as: how to create compost at home with different ways, handmade cosmetic and soap with natural ingredients, sensorial experience in permaculture garden, visiting permaculture based farms and etc.