Birds and Trees Day

Since 1902 the Birds and Trees Day is celebrated in Hungary on the 10th of may. More than 100 years ago the scientist, politician and journalist Ottó Herman initiated the Birds and Trees Day to raise awareness to the people about the environment and important impact that nature has.


So on the 10th of may we celebrated the birds and trees day in our garden in Deák Ferenc utca with two groups of children from the local kindergarten “Nefelejcs Német Nemzetiségi Óvoda” here in Etyek. The two groups came separately and were each around 20 children. For one hour they stayed in the garden with activities like walking through the barefoot path, “studying” birdseeds or listening to the sound of different birds and assigning them to their kind. But counting mainly to the highlights was feeding the chicken or looking at the baby chicken.

Not only was that a nice and interesting day for us and the children, but it was also a important day to carry on this tradition and raising awareness for the nature and environment for the next generation of us.

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