Spain trip

In the beginning of October, we had the opportunity to travel to Spain to gain experience and cooperate with other associations. The Hungarian team was represented by 4 people, including Italy, Germany and Israel.

On the first day, each team gave a short presentation on the goals of their own association, as more civil society organizations and municipalities are taking advantages and initiatives to protect the environment and be sustainable. There were lectures in different places every day and we learned about the strategies for the sustainability of the Basque Country until 2030. Global warming, water scarcity, declining energy supplies and climate change. There are some dangerous threat for our Earth if we do not change our attitude and behavior quickly. Children are most receptive to a change of attitude, which is why it is important for them to learn about the importance of the subject from an early age and to pay attention of their personal involvement, as they can do a lot to protect the Earth. We visited a local farmstead that had a famous tradition of herding and making cheese, where the family has been making cheese for more than six generations. Today they carry on the tradition of making and selling their award-winning cheese. Yet I would call the market in Ordizia my personal favorite, which has been the meeting place for buyers and sellers of agricultural products from the area every Wednesday since 1512.

I owe this trip a lot because it is filled with energy, new experiences and opportunities. I'd love to come back here someday.

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