So far in Hungary: one month in

So far in Hungary, we have done a loooooot of things. From visiting Budapest, to going vegan and learning a huge amount of seasonal vegetable’s names, it has definitely been intense for me. I think that my favorite moments so far were, learning about ceramics with David and Mihaila (pretty much all creative Tuesdays actually) but also teaching english to the kids even if we barely understand each other. Learning how to make a worm compost and then teaching it to the volunteers from MIRA organisation was really cool. I also really enjoyed catering with the Szatyorbolt team for the conscious shoppers’s family day and preparing this month’s Eco-Cinema club. I am looking forward to the months to come and very happy to be part of this project!



So far in Hungary I have done interesting things…

 I like to go to Budapest every Thursday because we go to the Szatyorbolt shop to prepare the orders, there I meet new people and I also can visit the city. I really enjoy the English course with children, playing and finding an educational method so that they don’t get stressed. I love creative Tuesdays with Mihaila and the ceramics course with David. The workshops about composting and gardening are very interesting too and are new reasons for me to learn. Looking forward to do new things….