What's up in the garden

Its the middle of April and our community garden perked up, covered with soft silky green grass, embellished with white and pink fruit trees, liven up with bustling and cheerful hens - our beautiful newcomers that we are caring about from now on.


These days we are sowing seeds of crops into low and raised beds, combining them with allies (beetroot with spinach, carrots with onions, raddishes with cucumbers etc). Around a week ago we celebrated the appearing of grean peas - they were sown into wooden containers and have been watered with the water that we would normally waste at the beginning of the shower while waiting for the hot water to come or while washing vegetables. Spiral bed with herbs is cleared of weeds and produces us with fresh and spicy leaves to brighten up our food and beverages.


Every day we take care of seedlings and are waiting for warmer weather to be able to leave them outside during nights. Those include kale, romaine letucce, napa cabbage, peppers, tomatoes and some flowers, like forget-me not, lobelia, nicotiana sanderae nd zinnia. For seedlings we are using lihjt soil mixture loosened with coco substrate.

Our activity extends to neighborhood gardens where we help to get rid of branches in an eco-friendly way (chopping or shredding them in order to use it as mulch or the filler, alongside last year's foliage, for raised beds) or making low beds covered with straw and nourished with microbial mix.


Planting season is ideal to get closer to nature, to listen carefully to its sounds, to contemplate all the subtle changes that happen every moment and to think of how we can collaborate with it in the least harmful way.