Ceramics glazing workshop

 Finally we got our freshly glazed ceramic items that we made throughout our first months spent here in Szatytor!

On the second Wednesday of May we went to ceramic studio ready to continue working on our mugs, dishes and other items.

The whole team of volunteers was taking too much space in David's studio, so some of us were enjoying reading books about ceramics or hanging out with beautiful elderly dog or making the pictures of a garden while the rest were mastering glazing skills.

The process of glazing was quite simple in substance but not easy to perform. Some of glazes vary in colour depending on the thickness of applied layer, so we had to consider this in order to achieve the colours we liked. Also it was quite stressing to keep all our glazed things organised on a shelf, because it was easy to break the integrity of a glaze since it was freshly applied, unbaked and fragile. But eventually, we've managed to glaze all the things and after a week recieved our items glossy and colourful.

Handmade ceramic things are obviously cooler than ones from the store. Diy ceramic mugs hold the heat perfectly, especially when pre-heated, because the walls are thicker than of industrially produce mugs. Also, you can always be sure that the type of glaze is safe for your health and doesnt contain harmful elements.

So, that was our experience with pottery and now we are looking forward to try making tiles for the bathroom.